Product Care

Store Your Jewelry!

Indian jewelry can change colors in time if it has not been stored or cared for.

Store your jewelry in a box lined with fabric, or cloth pouches. This will prevent discoloration of the metal, and damage to beads or stones.

Avoid storing multiple pieces and sets in a box, and avoid storing different styles of metals in a box. 

If you typically store all your jewelry in one large box, be sure to protect each piece of jewelry in individual soft tissue paper.

Preserve Your Jewelry!

Keep your jewelry dry, and clean it after each use!

Avoid spraying perfume or lotion directly on your pieces. Metals will oxidize and gold or silver may chip off.

Make sure you always remove your jewelry when you apply perfume or lotion, or wash your hands.

After each wear, clean your jewelry! Use a simple soft cloth to remove any residue from products such as lotion, or sweat which can increase the risk of oxidation. 

Avoid cleaning your jewelry with cleansers that contain acidic ingredients as this may damage your jewelry. 

Remember: your jewelry should be the last thing to put on, and the first thing to take off

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