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We were ecstatic when Gurp Dhaliwal of Capture Eye Studio agreed to collaborate and create a look with some of the pieces we had.

While we typically do not carry bridal pieces, we thought it would be a good idea to sample some pieces & provide it to someone who can style it. Gurp was the first that came to our mind & and we definitely do not regret it!

Bridal jewelry is not easy to shop for in-store, let alone online. However the convenience of saving yourself time & buying online is ideal. Especially for those who have more than just wedding planning on their schedule. 

The pieces we sent to Gurp was a multi layer choker paired with a long green raani-haar, 2 haath phools (hand pieces), a mathapaathi and a nose ring. 

The best thing about green bridal jewelry is how traditional it looks on red bridal outfits. It's also the most versatile color to match with other bridal outfits, for example pink, peach, cream or gold. 

Thank you again to Gurp from CaptureEyeStudio for creating this beautiful look! 

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